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Fastest token search in the world and upcoming Avalanche Summit

Trading Strategy
Trading Strategy
Our engineers have just released a new blazingly fast DEX, token and trading pair search feature that allows you to research through on-chain trading opportunities. Read our blog post below about developing this feature; we are going to publish some tutorials on how to use the token search feature and how to manage your risk when trading on small-cap tokens.
Next week, the Trading Strategy team will be in Avalanche Summit, Barcelona. Please drop us an email at [email protected] if you want to discuss partnerships opportunities on DEX trading or strategy development.
We have also released a new open-source Eth-Hentai Python library for Ethereum DeFi trading. The library is licensed under the MIT license. Currently, the library supports Uniswap v2 compatible exchanges like PancakeSwap. The Uniswap v3 compatibly is under development.
See the links below for more information.

Building the world's fastest token and decentralised exchange search
Meet Trading Strategy at Avalanche Summit Barcelona
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Trading Strategy
Trading Strategy @tradingprotocol

Algorithmic trading protocol for decentralised markets. Automated and non-custodial trading execution directly on-chain across DEXs and DeFi.

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